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We're the cockney ones from Bermondsey. Before it was part of Southwark. Think Vine Street Buildings, Kipling Estate & Dockhead.... slightly removed from the Reivers and the Moss Troopers, and certainly from the rich aristocratic ones. I even had a great grandfather, a docker, who sounded like Sam Weller. Grandfather was a great one for the Mission. We were living around the shiny new bits by Tower Bridge, where HMS Belfast is parked. My late Aunt worked in the PLA offices in Tower Bridge. And she had a tap dancing troupe in Snowfields. And to all you lucky folks in foreign lands, most of our ancestors must have suffered from sea sickness or not travelled well, since we're nowhere near as exciting as you.

There are Rutherfords knocking around Southwark in Will Shakespeare's day, so we may have been there a long time.

So we're interested in;

Rutherford from 1750 on (and possibly earlier)

Brook, Broughton, Copeland, Culpitt, McNamara, Waddell

Shipwrights, Tinsmiths.

Bermondsey, Deptford, Lambeth, Limehouse, Bermondsey, Southwark, Poplar, Possibly the Medway towns.

We have Merchant Taylors' & a Drapers' Company connections

Brook (Bradford), Broughton (Barnoldswick - Yorks/Lancs) c.1850 & then London.

Mingay, Sandell, Franklin/Frankland (Reepham, Norfolk), Cook (Bedfordshire), then London to the USA.

Brotherton, Yorkshire to the USA (18th Century).

Peuss or Peuß from Rügen via London (c1850) to the USA, Schafer from Heidleberg to the USA.

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