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My family is in Newport, Monmouthshire, now South East Wales, from the 1830s.

Migrating around the town as it grows, from Pill to Christchurch Road. Either skilled tradesmen or businessman, and we had a 100 year plus association with Newport Market.

Barrett, Barnes, Clarke, Flook, Humphreys, Pope, Rutherford, Sheppard, Wagstaff

Any one for the Newport - Hughesovska (now Donetsk) connection ? I think it might have been one of the Popes.

There are origins of the Brain, Flook, Sheppard & Stafford families in 1830s-1850 Bristol (The Dings & Bitton).

There are also the Brians & Sheppards in 1850s Aston in Birmingham.

The Barrett, Sullivan families appear to have moved from Limerick to Newport.

The Barnes family moved from Llandybie, Carmarthenshire in the 1830s. The Popes came from South Devon.

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